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Be careful mixing Xanax and booze.

Posted Oct 22 2008 6:15pm 1 Comment

If you deal with panic or anxiety, you may very well take Xanax, whether regularly or only on occasion. According to this, if you do, you should be careful about drinking alcohol at the same time. According to the article:

Hillsborough sheriff's Deputy Larry Morrell pulled over the 26-year-old woman after she crashed into an apartment gate on Brandon's Regency Avenue.

He shined a light in her eyes and asked her to track its movement. She couldn't.

"It looked like a pingpong game going on her with her eyes," Morrell said.

Typically, only an extremely inebriated driver would fail the test so badly, he said.

But the woman's breath test showed a blood alcohol content of just 0.09 percent, slightly above the 0.08 level at which the state presumes impairment.

So while processing her arrest, Morrell asked her whether she had taken any drugs.

Yes, she admitted. She'd...taken some Xanax, a prescription antianxiety pill.

Law enforcement officers increasingly encounter drivers impaired by dangerous combinations of alcohol and Xanax.
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