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Battling My Arch Nemesis - "The Stroller"

Posted Jun 15 2010 12:00am
I decided it would be nice to take my little one with me to the supermarket, so we hopped in the car and darted off. I was feeling confident and excited about our venture. So we pull up to Gelsons and I pop the trunk open and pull out her stroller. It was the first time she and I took a trip without her dad, therefore it was the first time using the stroller without his help. There I was in the parking lot staring at the stroller like it was a foreign object I had never seen before. I tried to open the darn thing up and it just would not budge. I shook it, I pulled and pressed all the buttons on it, but nothing was happening. The more I tried, the more angry I became. More cars were pulling into the parking lot and I was sure they were looking at me, going"New Mom." I felt like such an idiot. Then moments later my baby starts crying because she's been sitting in the car now for 5 minutes so I call my husband and ask him for help! I feel bad now about it because he got "Angry Mommy." And even with his guidance, we couldn't defeat "the beast." So frustrated as I was, I drove back to the privacy of my home to figure this thing out. Low and behold there was a plastic lock that needed to be pulled and whallah! - it opened. So baby and I got back in the car and went back to the market. Oh what a day!
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