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Battery for FUJITSU FPCBP218

Posted Oct 16 2012 1:11am
The computer fitting it is the following kinds: CPU, Battery for FUJITSU FPCBP218, main board, hard disk, and cd-rom, graphics, power supply, sound card, card, chassis. Input/output devices: display, keyboard, mouse and so on. Each parts all have their own performance index, I mainly introduce the key performance index. CPU: a and word length, clock basic frequency, cache, manufacturing technology, interface type, etc. Motherboard: chipset, CPU slot, hard disk slot, video card slot, motherboard capacitance and resistance, whether for integrated main board, etc. Memory: memory basic frequency, memory capacity, encapsulation technology, delay technology, etc. Hard disk: capacity, rotational speed, cache and data protection technology, shockproof technology, etc. Graphics: graphics capacity, graphics bit width, production technology, video card interface standard, output interface, video memory type, video memory speed, etc. Power supply: the power rating, the authentication standard, PFC type, etc Chassis: antistatic technology, cooling technology, whether there is galvanized steel sheet, etc.

The Battery for FUJITSU FPCBP218 is designed for all use the computer tools, learning to use the computer knowledge, using computer technology, improve computer functions, provide computer maintenance, dig into computer technology, we provide a knowledge, communication, learning and progress of the platform. This is a group of love computer, for many years engaged in computer maintenance industry elite will own theoretical knowledge and practical experience summed up the essence of it. Build this website on one hand is to put the team's knowledge and experience spread here, let those who need their people more convenient to find yourself looking for things, on the other hand is also want to use computers to body of knowledge is the network platform for many industry friends have a mutual understanding, communication, the opportunity to learn.

The biggest advantage of the notebook is FUJITSU FPCBP218 Battery, and provide the basis of all this is the battery. In energy saving technology and battery technology to temporarily difficult to have breakthrough, fully optimized battery and master some related use skills will have the help very much. However the notebook battery for a long time, often imitation discontent, and even display cell damage, so must when use pay special attention to some operating small skills.

Laptop FUJITSU FPCBP218 Battery appeared aging phenomenon is inevitable, almost all the repair methods are trial "deep imitation deep put" principle, so as to alleviate the battery memory effect. But there is no denying the fact that the depth of charging and discharging operation for notebook battery itself is not good, is a kind of in the method. If the battery endurance only reduce dozens of minutes, so should be careful to take the method of operation. In addition, the manufacturer to the battery has the optimization, does not exist to depth charge and discharge can improve the capacity of the battery again said. But when need depth charge and discharge is difficult to master, after all, every time when using the consumed power is different, therefore suggest that we BatteryMon with this kind of professional software tools (hint: it is recommended that all through the Internet to find download, here is not available for download address).

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