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back pain, face pain, headache, white bumps on lips

Posted by daladysman2345

hey i have lower back pain and headache, face pain around my eyes, and sometimes random pains in my body,mostly on the back where my ribs are. like i worked out all day, its strange because I dont. and i have these white bumps on my inside upper lip, and some on the shaft of my penis that dont hurt and dont bother me at all. and if pop the ones on my penis the just pop like a pimple and then bleed a little, then go away but the do come back but really slowly. and always feel like i have to clear my throught throat all the time, when i told my doc about the pains he told me get a cbc and i did and everything is normal, so he thinks i have muscle spasam, so he gave me neurotrin, i do feel tired a lot and dont no what is wrong with me ,im scared i have some type of std or hiv or something can you please tell me what you think this is? thank you
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