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Apple iPhone 5S is certainly worth pursuing

Posted Apr 29 2013 8:09am

Forbes writer Anthony Wing Kosner analysis of articles published, last week's news that Apple's next generation iPhone have to wait until the autumn to publish, at the same time, the rival Samsung's strong growth performance achieved, these two messages do not ban observers worry about Apple's future road.

Yet we should assert that Apple's Outlook was too early to worry. It may be Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference to be held June 10--(Worldwide Developer Conference, WWDC) saw Apple on some of the significant progress made in the software. In addition, the release of the next-generation iPhone may be waiting a long time, because Apple will probably be added to this phone is a truly ground-breaking features, thus proving that everyone is worth the wait.

One view was that Apple had acquired the security services provider AuthenTec, next-generation iPhone may be fully implanted AuthenTec fingerprint scanning technologies. Cult of Mac technology Web site columnist Mike Elgan thought that the iPhone "I" symbolizes "identity", and Apple as a global leader to create a legend, to be able to build something people want.

Mike Elgan has a very interesting opinion, he believes that next-generation iPhone will use fingerprint scanning technologies and NFC chip (near field communication). He wrote that Apple NFC chip and fingerprint scanning as a part of company strategy, the so-called grand strategy is to use the iPhone as a digital identification solutions. For years, people have been talking about the mobile phone as a basic unit of authentication, when Mike Elgan thinks now is a reality, and to make the rhetoric real reality is Apple.

Mike Elgan writes that Apple are keen to resolve the complex issue, so far still no solution, exploiting the opportunities from this perspective, nothing more than digital identity. He cited the Boston Consulting Group (The Boston Consulting Group), according to a report, by 2020 the global value of digital identity solutions sector will reach the trillion-dollar level.

Another interesting point is that Apple's solution different from Google and Facebook identity system. Authentication and associated with building huge networks, the iPhone security system enables you to completely set safety protection in accordance with their wishes. Just like the popular iPhone slide to unlock feature, iPhone security system seems to be in how to set up a digital security, as well as the circumstances in which the identification via mobile phone user independent control. Mike Elgan believes that this is just the start, users can be connected to any of the available devices iCloud content and settings.

Can be seen from several points below some clues of the new Apple iPhone built-in fingerprint scanner:

1, hardware: Reuters reported last week, there is talk that a Taiwan supplier said Apple is trying to find a coating material that does not interfere with fingerprint sensors. One reason for this could be the next-generation iPhone delayed.

2, production: United Kingdom technology website The Register has reported that there have been unconfirmed rumors that Apple has put 8 million possible quality problems iPhone phone returned to business Taiwan Foxconn. Although there are no signs that this is because fingerprint scanning systems have problems, but there is such a possibility does exist. If the size of iPhone 5S is the same with iPhone 5, so we can use cute iPhone 5 cases to match the new iPhone 5S, just like use cute iPhone 4 cases to dress up the iPhone 4S. If the size of iPhone 5S is not same with the iPhone 5, most of people will have to buy the new iPhone 5S cases.

3, software: even if the hardware is advancing step by step, but identification software system running might not be in place.

4, the application tests: LeapMotion has decided to delay the controller, may have realized that even if Apple hardware and software systems to work together, software developers will also need time to test the application, from the outset, so as to make the App Store applications that support identity recognition.

So, iPhone 5S fingerprint scanning feature is something to look forward to? Above, the answer is Yes, both for Apple and the consumer. Many people say on the Internet, identifying vulnerabilities, needed repair, due to the complexity of the issues and monumental, as of now none of us can solve. Try Apple may be in this regard is expected in June Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, there might be some clues in this regard, however, is known for its apples have long been a mystery.

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