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Anybody experience anxiety/depression relief after quitting the birth control pill?

Posted May 18 2010 1:11pm

Hey guys..i am 25 years old and I have been taking the birth control pills since i was 12 years old for pre menstrual relief. I am seriously quitting taking the pill or use any hormonal birth control. I am not married ( have a boyfriend of three years). We use other protection every time we have intercourse b/c neither of use are ready for children. I feel that it is not healthy to be on the pill this long, and I also feel it may be the root of my anxiety problems. My best friend recently quit nuvoring b/c her hormones were the level of an 80 year old woman, and immediately felt relief. I am confused though b/c if doctors know this pill can cause so many adverse side effects, why are they so adament about you continuing its use. When i asked my gynecologist if I should get off she replied "not until you are ready for children." I personally dont think im going to be ready for children for the next 8 years. I know that the risk is higher if you do have sex and are not on birth control, but if I use other forms of contraception I think I will be fine… thanks!

YES! I was on Loestrin and I was the most depressed I have ever been in my entire life. I was suicidal, crying every day multiple times a day. I did not feel a bit like myself. I knew it was the birth control and I decided to get off of it. I felt better and back to my old self in days. You could always try different birth controls. Different ones seem to have different side effects. Keep trying them until you find the one thats right for you, but I dont see whats so bad about stopping them for good, either.

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