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anxiety/stress after a car accident

Posted Feb 01 2013 1:20pm

i was involved in a car accident where my car was wrote off, my child was in the car with me.

since then life feels like i am walking in a daze.

i dont want to do anything, i am just staying in all the time unless i have to go out

if someone even remotely annoyes me i feel like i am going to explode, i can feel the anger welling up inside of a point where i have had to ask people to please stop talking.

this really isnt like me.

before this accident i was always laughing and rearly angry or rude to anyone 

my child isnt sleeping properly, is very agitated and doesnt want to do anything.

i am so anxious all the time, i am worring about silly things.

my teen was in the bath last night and i couldnt sleep because i was afraid he would fall asleep in the bath and drown...even writing this down seems so crazy to me, but this is how i have been feeling since the crash.

i have always suffered from anxiety, but not like this

i have spoke to my doc and she said its a result of the accident, like i don't already know that :-/ 


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