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anxiety problem relief?

Posted Jun 25 2010 6:03pm

I have anxiety problems (mostly with social situations), panic attacks, and I’m nervous about going back to school. I even went the other day to pick up a book, and started feeling panicky even though no one was there! Does anyone have any suggestions as to help calm me down in general and/or during a panic attack?

hey i go through the same thing i was diagnosed with anxiety at 8, what i do is Take one breath in and when i exhale say a word that relaxes me, either my boyfriends name or my favorite song lyrics. it helps a lot, what you are doing is thinking of the worst, think of the better things that are going to happen, seeing your friends again making new friends, all the better stuff. Hey Good Luck. And try seeing a doctor about this,she/he should be able to give you some suggestions.

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