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Anxiety/panic disorder or just simple phobias?

Posted Jun 19 2010 6:35am

So, I’ve always known that I’m an easily frightened person. I’ve gone from thinking I’m just paranoid, to I’m just overreacting, to I’m a hypochondriac that needs to get over it, to being polyphobic, and I had never thought that I could have an anxiety/panic disorder until my psych teacher mentioned something.

So, I swear I have so many phobias. They aren’t simple fears. They are phobias. They are IRRATIONAL and get in the way of my life quite often. Mostly being alone, the dark, and social situations. But, I do have much more.

So, would it be considered an anxiety disorder? Or just a bunch of phobias that I need to get over?

In my opinion drugs/medications are the worst way to go. It sounds like you are focusing on too much of the stimuli around you rather than on what you are trying to accomplish. So, the next time you incounter a situation where there is alot of stimuli which triggers you to have these feelings attempt to focus on what your trying to accomplish and on what your trying to get done.

Another approach;
Dr Victor Frankel suggests in one of his books to attempt to insuth these feelings, if your going to be in a situation where your scared, before it happens tell yourself you want to be scared and usually you cant will it to happen. I think he called it pan-determinism. Try these things and other psychoanalytic approaches before you turn to medications……

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