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Anxiety- Panic Disorder- Abusive mom ?

Posted Jun 08 2010 8:49am

I’ve been getting better lately. But, I still can’t get over something that has happend to me. Early on in my anxiety, I was worse than I am now. Now i can control my anxiety and i no longer have panic attacks. I believe my mom is the reason I got an anxiety disorder, as awful as that sounds. Before my anxiety my mom always told me I’ll never be good enough, and that I’ll never amount to anything. During my anxiety I stayed up for nights, and i woke up my mom a lot of the nights so she can talk to me and comfort me because I was experiencing chest pains from my panic attack. I kept waking her up that night, and she hit me. Not once, but a lot of times that night. She said that i’m lying about my anxiety symptoms, and that shes going to send me to a mental place for therapy, which made my anxiety worse. That night, she made me stay in one room, and wouldnt let me out for the whole night because she said i was waking everyone up, and all i wanted is for someone to hug me and tell me I’m going to be ok. She wouldnt let me call my best friend, she took my cellphone, and disconnected all the phone lines, it was awful. the worst feeling in the world is to feel alone. I had a lot of bruises the next day, she hurt me before that too, but never as bad. I believe she made my anxiety worse… Is that true? Should i forgive her? I’m currently staying at a friends house, should i go home?

How old are you ? If you are school age, please go and talk with a counselor or teacher there, and tell them what is happening. If you are not in school, call your hospital and ask to speak to a social worker there. Bless you sweetie.

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