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anxiety home remedies + on demand relief + serious answers please?

Posted Oct 07 2009 4:41pm

Posted:  anxiety relief

i know theres all kinds of therapy and hypnosis but i need an instant relief. what are any kinds of home remedies & techniques to block out anxiety for a while to be in a relaxed mental state …i dont know how you technically say it but to have the low brainwaves?

only real answers please, your just wasting your own time but this is a serious request so i would appreciate it.


I specialize in stress and anxiety. Try this - it' s quick and works for most. To prepare to have this "tool" ready for use in a serious anxiety attack please practice it a few times.

1. Think about where you usually feel that anxiety - tightness anywhere in the body? Stomach churning? Head feeling dizzy, or flush? Heart pounding? Just identify where you usually feel it first.
2. Next, take a few moments to think of a time when you felt very safe, really happy and joyful even! A loved one, a safe, beautiful place, whatever is right for you.
3. Think about these "feel good thoughts" until they make you smile. Now you are going to "ANCHOR" that good feeling to bring it back to you quickly.
4. To "anchor" it, while you still have that great feeling, take a deep breath and place your hand on that part of your body. Really let the feelings of peace, calm, happiness spread through you.
5. Now, with your hand still resting on your head/chest/stomach say outloud with a smile "Anxiety passes in less than 5 minutes, so I' ll be fine. I am fine."
6. Repeat this statement several times (you' ll know when it' s enough).
7. Do this whole process several times a day for the next few days and see how you begin processing anxiety differently.

That' s it!

Anxiety - or that Fight or Flight response - doesn' t last more than a few minutes. It is real, and it is a very uncomfortable state of mind/body! But, it will pass fairly quickly when you don' t engage it… This isn' t just a distraction, it' s a "tool" to use to train yourself out of your old way of responding, and gaining a healthier, happier way!

Hope this helps.

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