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Anxiety And The Fear Of Happiness

Posted Jan 22 2009 5:57pm

For a long time I was afraid to be happy. I was afraid to laugh too strongly, I was afraid to get carried away with any overly positive feeling because it would make me nervous.

It sounds strange to say but I was holding on to myself tightly (emotionally speaking) so I wouldn’t lose control, or at least that was the thought process.  Anxiety has a way of doing all kinds of things to you and destroying your sense of joy is a major one.

It took me years before I realized that laughing hard wasn’t fatal and that smiling and talking to others in an engaging way was a good thing. Ultimately we have to realize that the reason we are afraid to be happy is because we are afraid to let go.

Being happy is relative and has more to do with your state of mind then with anything else. It’s not to say that dealing with anxiety is easy, but it is to say that in many ways being happy, laughing more, and talking more are all choices. You should choose happiness because the alternative sucks.

Watch: This two minute video by Web Md that talks about the power of laughter - Click Here.

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