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Anti radiation maternity clothes are a necessary for pregnant women

Posted Nov 06 2012 9:25am

Man-made sources of radiation, such as computers, mobile phones, TV screen also us produce a large amount of radiation in our live and work. However, this radiation is chronic and difficult to detect. Although many appliances are marked with to meet national standards of radiation, but a large number of electrical radiation together are harmful to the human body, especially on the body that has a sensitive period and low resistance, it is more dangerous for pregnant women. Application of electromagnetic shielding clothing have decades of history, early radiation protection clothing for technical reasons is more massive, efficiency is low, costs are high, mainly engaged in radar, microwave communications Department staff.

Until the last century in China, people gradually caught the attention of electromagnetic protection, more akin to a normal dress fabrics are to catch up with the world level only a few years ago, with technological advances, such clothing can be made from woven is currently thin, soft, hygroscopic and breathable, washable, and the electro-magnetic shielding effectiveness is greatly improved. In state-of-the art, wearing anti radiation maternity clothes can be a convenient and efficient means of personal protection.

When wear radiation protective clothing, tight metal mesh in the body forms a security "shield", which can be effectively blocked, refractive micro-x-ray, UV, low-frequency and microwave radiation, avoid body and fetus injured. Comfortable, dry, breathable, no stimulation, no side effect, also has antibacterial, antistatic, resistant to washing and effectiveness of durable and so on.

Substances where there is electricity disposes of electromagnetic waves, and most closely related to modern man, which is undoubtedly the various household appliances. Computers, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, range hoods, household appliances have become indispensable part in our lives, their electromagnetic wave harm on human causes are as follows:

1, neurasthenic syndrome, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, etc;

2, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, palpitation, autonomic dysfunction;

3, miscarriages, birth defects, discoloration body distortion;

4,Menstrual cycle disorders, male 4, female sexual function impairment, hair loss and gray hair;

5, leukemia (especially more dangerous for children), cancer, tumors, and cause harm to the body's immune system, silent damage to our health.

1. first determine whether super protective radiation suits are required:

General recommendations selected super protective radiation suits is working in the engine room or in a work environment for protection of pregnant women wear with more than 50 computers. General protective radiation suits have about 25% metal protective effect of fiber, about 30% metal fiber and powerful.

2. decide to buy underwear or a horse-clip radiation protective clothing:

Radiation proof underwear is to protect themselves for white collars. Of course, when you ready to pregnancy, you can wear underwear, but once pregnant 3 months, you must wear protective waistcoat (protect the spinal nerves).

3. Select style: styles are very easily to choose, basically the same protective effect, but style does not the same.

4. color: because of dirty resistance, so Navy Blue is the color with the largest selection. Pink is for those who like beautiful girls, who says women can't be beautiful. Purple is both dirty and pretty colors. Else also has blue, grey and pure green.

5. choose the size: the size of big and small is not good. Buying radiation protective clothing for pregnant women, it is recommended that slightly larger, so better for yourself and your baby.

6. Select fabric: coating (best is silver plated) radiation-resistant maternity clothes, ranked better, disadvantage is that feel hard, ventilation is not good. Do not wash. Metal blended products radiation-resistant maternity clothes, the advantage is a feel good, good permeability, and can also be washed. Disadvantages are for computers, televisions and other appliances radiation effects is low. Advise mothers to baby's health, have good selection. Ionic silver fiber series, this fabric is blended between a variety of metal, but due to high cost of silver, so only a limited number of products on the market.

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