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Anti Aging and Skin care

Posted Aug 29 2009 8:09pm

by Anne on August 29, 2009

in Anti-Aging, Skin Care

We all know women who have through out the years, maintained a skin so soft, a skin so beautiful that it reminds us of a babies’ skin itself. And we envy these women who seem to defy somehow, the passing of time. Because most will come to loose that gorgeous satin look and feel of the skin we were born with overtime. Many factors contribute to this such as diet, age, how many hours of sleep we are getting and so forth. The good news is that it’s never too late to start taking care of one’s skin (skin is the largest organ of our bodies!) even though we might have not done so in the past. It is still possible to intervene at slowing down the signs of time and getting the skin to glow again, therefore making us look and feel young. soft-skin

Let us now look further at some of these steps:

The first important notion (and habit) to acquire is that what you eat, will reflect at how your skin looks as it reflects someone’s lifestyle in a big way. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables means giving your body and your skin the nutrition it needs to fight the loss of elastin and collagen that is inevitable, giving it a dose of antioxidants and vitamins. Skin also needs to be moisturized and of course most of us do so by applying moisturizing cream but skin also needs to be moisturized from the inside and this means that by drinking water each day, you will only reap benefits from it; it is a great habit to acquire and will keep you looking young; a minimum of two glasses a day to eight glasses a day is recommended and besides,  it’s good for us!

Getting some good moisturizing cream (and using it!) is not to be neglected either as skin tends to dry as we grow older; the drying of the skin is even more apparent in the winter months when we go for that hot bath or shower we crave for.

Be sure to apply some sunscreen with an SPF of 15 (or more) before exposing yourself as the effects of the sun are the most significant of all to the skin and are quite irreversible once damage is done. The sunscreen is to be reapplied of course after sweating, swimming and so on. This is also meant to prevent skin cancer and should be seriously considered at each exposure under the sun; you can take care of you by taking care of your skin!

Some cream ingredients are specifically aimed and designed at giving you back that timeless glow by getting to those old cells and getting rid of them; the chemical Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) is what is commonly used nowadays in creams and it to get the job done.

And last but not least, you need your beauty rest if you’re aiming at rejuvenating your skin (and your look) as this important factor tends to be overlooked or dismissed. Remember, skin reflects your life style and the hours of sleep you give yourself are going to reflect how you look (and feel!) about yourself. Moisturizer

The skin does rejuvenate while we are sleeping and thus it is recommended to get at least a 7-8 hour sleep each night.

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