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Anthony the successful completion of the task

Posted Jan 05 2013 2:23am
points difference completely open. Clearly behind the spurs announced early to give up, the final remaining before the end of seven minutes and 35 seconds, Anthony was off the field, and he also accepted the fans applause, when it hit JR Smith finish empty after dunks, melon on the spot to the passion waving towel, Nike Hyperfuse 2012 USA rendering the atmosphere, 23 points and eight rebounds, three assists, Anthony the successful completion of the task, for he and Madison garden is concerned, it is destined to be a memorable night.Beijing time on January 4,, the knicks home to a 100-83 victory over the spurs win, the team ended two-game skid, and end the spurs seven wins. Anthony full contribution 23 points and eight rebounds, amare stoudemire (micro bo) substitutes have 10 respectively. The New York knicks star is who? Scored 23 points and eight rebounds of Anthony? Or the ten points and 14 rebounds of chandler? No, the answer is novak. Game the marksman made five of seven, very efficient scored 15 points. Especially small his continuous 3-pointers, help the knicks will gap widening to twenty points, thus every defeat your opponents, and shattered the spurs in hope. Although the spurs have already obtained before seven straight, but the knicks is devoid of a look of fear, today active variable array of them offering out camby and chandler's twin towers. In fact the spurs in the first quarter just short in advantage, Duncan jumper with after the 9 to 5 lead. Then Anthony two free throws, Jason kidd (micro bo) three points after tying stoudemire layup inroads, New Cheap Nike Hyperfuse 2012 York quickly in a 12 - and win. After the game has prevailed, the first quarter end their 22 - and to lead. Novak and popular science rand hit consecutive three points, the knicks once will point spread open. Then again novak in long shots, the knicks in half with 6 points fifty seconds with 37-29 lead. Although the spurs played quite tough, but whenever they tie the game recently, the New York always have a way to open points difference. Half ZhanBa knicks still with 42 - lead. Turn refight the spurs many times to tie the game to 2-3 points, but still cannot win. Smith break layup play three points and Anthony DE giocondo puri, scored four points, the knicks and the points difference pulled open, sixty - 52. Parker (micro bo) after a long drive, the knicks and scored 6 points, both sides of the points difference to expand to two digits. This section ZhanBa two teams points difference has been the trend of widening, stoudemire the last moment two penalty one, the knicks 67 - lead. 7 points gap is not big, but the knicks a small came up and gave an 8-0, the SAN Antonio spurs to request timeout, after the suspension Neil two free throws, but was Smith layup ran novak in again three points, the knicks to a 82-62 lead for Adidas Power Howard 3 twenty points! Such a big gap between the spurs also appears to have desire, can only go away to surrender.Amare stoudemire back, playing from the bench, and today he came on state is also very general, the first section continuous storm the basket was d.d., special continuous blocks. But with the deepening of the game, amare stoudemire state have rebounded, finally he full ten shots, contributed 10 points and rebounds, but also had the three blocks. Beijing time on January 4,, Miami heat tomorrow will be at home against the Chicago bulls, defending champion attack quality will accept Chicago bianconeri defense inspection. Lebron James with a knee injury missed the team training, "the emperor" may play with rate for team won. Although the bulls offense because Derek Ross injury stop have been affected, but their defense is still tough, this season, averaging 91.6 points, is lost the third league points less team. In the last three games, the bulls averaging runs down to 87.3 points. Use quick counterattack with high score is a magic weapon of the heat win this season and game Dwight Howard Shoes scoring broken the record of 19 wins 1 negative, 10 consecutive 100 + game has won, but in the score equal to or less than 100 points of the game, the heat made just 3-7 negative results. Obviously, whether breakthrough percentage mark is a key to the Miami heat. James in the past two games is averaging 34 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists rate scored two wins, last season war bulls averaging 31.8 points off, "the emperor" for the team's importance is self-evident. James because of right knee injury failed to attend today's team training, he himself said he hoped the injury in tomorrow can significantly improve can play. Considering the James minor injury not small burn attitude and his strong body quality, most journalists value "emperor" play tomorrow, but also can't rule out the possibility of a him to have a rest. James since joining the heat missed seven games, the seven games the heat 2-5 negative two losing battle is bull gave worship. Once James tomorrow Emmanuel eboue broke, the heat attack by German - WeiDeLai burden will pick. "Flash" continuous six games and + condition is good, but he in the past 7 times at home playing the bulls game (including playoffs) averaging only to 18.7 points, the percentage is only 37.8%, the three-pointer is horrible nine shots.
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