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Anger Management for the Anxious and Depressed

Posted Dec 01 2009 10:03pm

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The world of anxiety and depression will inevitably dish out a certain degree of confusion and chaos.  You will find promising roads and dead ends of all kind as you search for ways to relieve your anxiety and or depression.  This journey may frustrate you at times and the frustration can easily turn into irritability and anger.  Here are a few tips to help you deal with that emotional powder keg.

In order to get a handle on anger issues you first have to become more self-aware.  This of course doesn’t mean getting all meticulous about how you look, but rather being aware of your emotions so that you can exert more influence over them.  As anxiety sufferers we tend to let our emotions rule us and dominate our state of mind and reactions to the outside world. Putting a cap on this behavior by taking more responsibility for your own emotions will make  a world of difference and empower you to not let things boil over.  In other words, own your emotions.

Self-awareness also isn’t just about monitoring thoughts either, it’s more than that.  It also entails being mindful of anything involving speech or action.  Think about it for a moment.  Say you go around all day with jerky rapid movements, speak at a frenetic speed, exude impatience and so on - how are you going to feel? Probably pissed off and frustrated.  Therefore it would be advisable to walk and talk easy thereby diffusing much of the feelings that sometimes turn into nasty emotional fits.

Also, if you are more self-aware you’ll be less likely to act on impulse.  It is more likely that you’ll be ready and able to assess a situation more appropriately and show more self-control in approaching scenarios that normally set you off.  This all doesn’t mean that thought and action should be staged because honestly it can’t be.  So don’t be robotic either and unrealistically polite, just be open, be easy.

You can also employ meditation as a means of taming your inner tiger.  For decades Westerners have turned to Eastern modes of philosophy to tap into their spiritual side.  And whether you’re into the spirit world or not its well known that meditation will lead to less stress and create an atmosphere conducive to self exploration.  Less stress and self knowledge tend to translate into more self-control making it ideal for anger management.

The same benefits can also be had by practicing Yoga and or exercising in general.  The bottom-line is that you have to find ways to relax.  And although being anxious means that relaxation does not come easy you have to make the effort nonetheless.  Otherwise you run the risk of growing increasingly mad and irritated about the minutiae of life, which by the way we can’t control anyway.

My Anti-Anger list:

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  • Indulge in healthy past times that make you happy.
  • Don’t let other people control how you feel about yourself.
  • Stay far away from all forms of negativity.
  • Don’t live in the future.
  • Own your emotions.  That is to say that you have to be accountable for how you feel. Don’t blame  objects or people for how you feel inside.

Do all that and you’ll be angry a lot less.

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