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And thereafter of Lin Shuhao began has themselves crazy of performances

Posted Feb 05 2013 6:01am
And thereafter of Lin Shuhao began has themselves crazy of performances, 38 points beat Lakers, let Bryant again awareness themselves; 0.5 seconds three points gunnin ' Phoenix Suns cool Dragon, world of eyes are focused in he of who; beat Knight champion Owen, Lectra Spain gold child Lu Biao, Lin Shuhao crazy not fun of; in personal career career Qian 4 field first made competition in the, he total are 109 points, and previously this a records is Allan-Iverson of 101 points, Michael-Jordan also however 100 points......Bryant, Nick with thenike air max 2011 women's   Lakers before the game, he said: "Lin Shuhao who?But when Lin Shuhao lead after the team beat the Lakers, Kobe really knew Lin Shuhao, "you let me give him advice?He had almost cut off 40 points!"Came to know the power of forest mad after the game.

Heat home Bobcat, Wade (micro-blog) first section feels poor 6 shots in only 1, Pos in flat 3 1, James alone in the starring role-5 shooting of 13 in team leading 22-21 Bobcat at end of first section 1.Bobcat forestall one ' s opponent by a show of strength after the competition started, Adrian left the bottom line back jump shot hit to get two points.Heat after the opening attack success rate iswomen's nike air force 1 low not high, and Pos are Wade shot dropped, also rely on James to break the deadlock."Emperor" attack received Cha Mosi pass under the basket crowded open defense forced jump balls into a basket.Bobcat face defending champions played very relaxed, Jeff-receive passing of Adrian Taylor dunk, Henderson, rebounding after a second attack air dodge ball into, Lynx lead.

In beating the bulls on Saturday's game, Williams had a sprained right ankle.In the second section of the game, snagged the bulls guard Nate Williams-Robinson's feet, resulting in a right ankle sprain.Williams, looking very serious injuries, before returning to the locker room with the help of his team-mates, but after he played the second half after simple treatment.Among the teams trained in the nets yesterday, Williams trained was restricted, but in an interview with reporters, he said don't expect injuries made him quit the game tomorrow."What I mean is, when fans are very excited, and the atmosphere will be very good."Williams said," this is an important game for us, another elite team of Lakers history, even if they win in 50%.When they played very well, they are a very good team, as they have recently played even better.This is a good test for us.
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