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and the tenacious spirit of solidarity

Posted Jan 19 2013 2:48am
After a major natural disaster and rebuild their homeland to become a major issue, and the tenacious spirit of solidarity "for all baseball advocated together, to provide help for the affected people's. The New York Yankees donated $ 500,000 to take the lead, take the lead in this donor action, They also work with the New York Blood Center, 2013 season tickets presented to the donors, has played a good role model. Show in full toughness in the 2012 playoffs Shinco World Series champion San Francisco Giants, is also prepared to use their influence to    adidas forum mid sale raise more money for the disaster in the the win celebration of the procession, they arranged a special blessing session , reunion forces to support the victims. After the start of today's game, the Chinese team 1 starting pitcher Rorschach suffered multivessel hit, plus outfield catch off the ball, the opponent scored 3 points. 3 innings, Chinese Taipei baseball peach the apes team Lin Zhisheng hit with a brick home runs, starting pitcher Rorschach H Shen.

Replaced by Li Xin difficult to curb the attacks of peach ape team, was the star player Chen Chin-feng's homer, peach ape Jushang Ban 3 9 2-0 lead. The whole game, the Chinese team to  adidas js panda bear replace more than young pitching is hard to resist the attacks of peach ape team, the audience was three homers attacks the party, although there have been a barrier, but in addition to once in 4 innings continuous batting regain an exceptionally successful is remember to live
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