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And before I hand weapons flow though strong

Posted Feb 18 2013 7:23am
Traditional sword shield by attacking the characteristics of flow skills have the following weakness: attack on a small scale, attacking passive, too dependent on resistance of such attributes defense (equipped with the cost too high). And before I hand weapons flow though strong play damage, but a lack of defensive ability, to get a higher and operation requirements, leading to a lower rate of fault tolerance, and it is difficult to have attributes space to increase MF attributes. So this time I combination of two of the schools, the characteristics of seismic wave shield + developed sword build, the idea as a result of the shield above 10% crit + 6% open to slam crit rate of extra 16% crit support, easily reached the very balanced state. As for actual result how, can see my new video.

The tooltip:

1: earthquake ground aftershock with runes. In the big range and continued after aoe aoe, every time aftershocks in addition to bring h. effect, critical strike you can back to anger, can be very good make up between two skills hiatus, and face very much distance blame A3, seismic ground have a natural advantage. Survival, because the present use one-handed sword and get a fast attack speed and, together with the vampire and life stealing the superposition of effect after the effective can achieve very high allowed per second. This ability to bring large areas of the aoe ability is the traditional sword shield flow cannot match.

2: messiah people killing with runes. Skill for time crit trigger additional 15 yards range aoe damage (150% weapon damage), with the attack rate of quickly produced more crit times, can do 5-10 seconds rapid kill all elite (the more blame to kill the faster), because this ability aftershocks after runes with very surprise effect, can let a single hand sword shield the barbarian broke no less than double the hands of weapons or instant harm force. (I now are afraid of blizzard weaken the aftershocks...)
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