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afford to stand still ear haunted cheap reebok realflex thin beggar who Uncle said

Posted Dec 10 2012 7:53am
Think in a clear day, the hometown where your tears and laughter, your roots. I know how to design a party, a speech, the opening of an event, but why, when I was passing from your side, but do not know what to say, perhaps, I do not need to say any word, is not it? I have the most good.Sometimes, my mother asked me, why you has not been called up? I hesitated to cope with, because nothing is ah. In fact, the mother does not know me and your friendship, as early as two years ago, it has been destruction. Perhaps she already knew, just like me, do not tell.When apathy is just beginning, I really find it impossible to accept, unable to adapt. However, after two years of time, all the nike roshe run uk memories are settling down. I was finally able to pretend I do not know you, you do not know me, strangers.

Separately, can be considered a relief, just followed, there is a trace of pain. Recall the memories of the former, and the tears to my eyes gradually began influx, memories too good, but go too early, I can not catch it, but can not learn to let go. You help me write holiday job, I still have it, you send me Fuwa lanyards that I still treasure, just you and me friendship, I have been unable to retain only watch as you take it away with me world. Do not know their wandering in the streets long, the legs have begun to sour damn sun still insidious smile. Later, the police arrived, the crowd dispersed, except I still afford to stand still, ear haunted cheap reebok realflex thin beggar who Uncle said, "Could it be that the beggar is not a person, there is no dignity. "No, it is not. The fault is not who fat uncle, nor uncle who thin beggar; mistake is in the "wind", yes "wind". With the development of society, the nature of things more or less variation. Beggars, this is the process of social development, the Chinese herbal product, who can guarantee that had it is still the original it?I would like to ask them In addition to these, do you not seen the sadness of large tracts of rolling with laughter and shout it?
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