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Acne Scar

Posted Jul 01 2010 1:31am

Acne Scar

Most teenagers and young adults have encountered, or will encounter acne. Although this tends to be a part of growing, acne scars sometimes result from this skin condition. Acne scars can, and in many instances do, have worse effects on individuals than the acne itself- the acne scars may travel with the individual throughout the rest of their lives.

When the body uses connective tissue to repair damaged parts of the skin, acne scars develop. The white blood cells work in conjunction with the antibodies to heal the damage that acne has done to the skin. Thus, acne scars then appear.

Makeup for acne scars is manufactured by many different companies. If you are not sure which makeup for acne scars is the best to use you may want to do a little research. Talk to a dermatologist before buying makeup for acne scars. Your dermatologist may have some great recommendations for makeup for acne scars.


you must consider what actually causes the scars. Scars are caused when tissue is damaged. These scars are essentially caused by bacteria and dead cells plugging the sebaceous follicle. There are essentially two different types of acne scars: the ice-pick scars and the raised scars.

Acne scars can often be prevented. However, to date, the only way to prevent acne scars is to treat the acne early and to continue treatment until it is gone. Even this offers no guarantees, and nobody really understands why some people will scar, while others will not, with the same type of acne, and the same severity.


The most talked about and popular treatment for these acne scars is laser resurfacing. During the treatment, the intense beams of focused light target skin layers rid unwanted cells. Lasers eliminate acne scars as they exfoliate layers of skin, revealing the newer, clearer skin underneath. Laser resurfacing can improve the appearance of the acne scars by about 30 - 40 %. However after the laser treatment, a longer time is required for the healing from the redness, swelling or flaking. Meticulous care of the wound is required to prevent secondary bacterial and viral infection that may cause further scarring.

Using a acne scar removal cream. Creams like Oxy10, Klear Action Acne Treatment or Skinoren Acne Cream are will known for being the best acne scar removal creams with proven results. Following a cosmetic medical procedure called dermabrasaion. The surface of the skin with the scars is removed through a process named abrasion. I don't recommend this way to get rid of acne scars because it's very painful.

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