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According to NBA rules

Posted Oct 27 2012 12:52am
According to NBA rules, high school players cannot directly enter the NBA, it was delayed a year by Le Blanc enjoying such a "benefit".Same rules, also found in Le Blanc, but he did not complain.Rule is the rule.General Romeo LeBlanc said, I would also like to follow the rules.I was one of the beneficiaries.Heat mate cheap nike air max 2011 shoes   deweien-Wade is one of the beneficiaries of the General.He had a great impact on the sport, it's hard to find many negative things Stern, but the positive side is too much.Wade said that he makes the sport has changed dramatically.Hope (successor)-Adam Silva can build and make the sport more excellent.-Heat head coach Erik siboersitela said that "the globalization of the game really.Now, the campaign is widely considered to be the second-largest sports (after football), by 30, you wouldn't think so.

The new season, has been moved to the Brooklyn nets will be November 1, local time (Beijing time on November 2) greeting the opening, an opponent was the same Nick in New York, at which time they will spend US $ 1 billion of Barclay, Thomas put onnike air max bw mens strong vs Center gymnasium.We have plenty of time to wait for him to recover and return, Defender Joe-Johnson said that there is nothing to worry about.DeLong, however, his injuries have affected him more than a few days, as early as when Hugh saiqi, inflammation when well bad to torment him, although no significant effect, but is not always so comfortable in the ankle."Hope that this treatment can help him, he's ready for the next 24-48 hours to stay well," Johnson said, "it is up to us to overcome a difficulty, of course, we also need to see how the next few days his condition.

As Dwight-Howard was traded to the Lakers this summer, plus League all-star voting rules were changed, no longer separate center position, replaced by three "frontcourt players" (two of them would almost certainly be heat General Romeo LeBlanc and Nick Anthony), perceptions that the Pos had increased risk of becoming Eastern Conference first.Pos I was not optimistic."I know I'm not that popular.Therefore, if you expect there to be what results would not have been a surprise.So I have nothing to look forward to."He had filled in 2007 Eastern Conference first, Pos said," something that was a long time ago.(Kevin-Garnett) (2007-2008 season from wolves to Celtic), so I just never played first.This is the player popularity contests.
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