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abilify can cause anxiety, right?

Posted by casper

One of the side effects of Abilify is increased anxiety.   Is this true and has anyone experienced this?
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Ian Health Maven
Yes, as with most anti psychotics (and antidepressants), anxiety can be a aripiprazol side effect. However, it is often experienced mostly during the first few weeks of taking the drug. If it is causing a problem for you then discuss this with the prescribing doctor as there are ways of reducing the anxiety. 

Best wishes

I actually developed extremlely bad anxiety with Abilify. I know it was the cause because when I don'tt take it, I don't have it. It would actually get so bad that my mind would go into a surreal, almost setative-like state at the highest peaks of anxiety. The calm period only lasted split seconds and then like a cycle the anxiety would start to build up all over again. This would happen several times throughout the day to the point that I couldn't stand it anymore. I would get so anxious and fast-paced that I actually made myself sick from eating or drinking to quickly, but I couldn't help it. I just couldn't calm down or sleep normally.  Xanax helped with this side effect but only temporarily and it always leaves me feeling extreme depression once it wears off.
I have been on the abilify for about 5 weeks now and am expierencing severe anxiety and just feel like I can't even sit or relax. It's awful so I stopped taking it and am feeling much better. I know it's unwise to stop meds without talking to your Dr. but I felt like I was going crazy.I really do think it's the abilify because after 3 days I feel more relaxed. Hope this might help somebody.
Did you stop all at once? what dose were you on?
I had a VERY bad experience with abilify...extreme anxiety and I couldn't was very bad.  Take this stuff with extreme caution.
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