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76 men team's situation is not ideal

Posted Jan 16 2013 6:48am
76 men team's situation is not ideal, they have suffered five losing streak, tomorrow back home they seek to avoid three of six for the first time since losing streak of the season.They lost 16 games in the past 13 games, but 12 out of 16 games away from home, home games, the majority of opportunities open to them now to raise the record."Go home, get the opportunity to rest, this gives us an opportunity to get themselves."Haweis said," we would home games as a good opportunity to return to the right track."Like Haweis said 76 people to makenike air max wright sale   good use of their home.Huo Leidi, Haweis, Dr, Turner and others must obtain a good performance, to enhance their offensive.76 people were in the losing streak only 84.2 points, net-18.2 points, what they need most is the offensive rebound.However met with rockets, 76 teams pay attention to silence the opponent's speed and attack, as soon as the rockets opened, then 76 men team may have to pay the price.

Lakers 101-116 to Thunder, from the competition, winner of nature there is no suspense, and for Lakers fans, this game is very troublesome.When the game was when thenike blazers ireland fourth section 7 minutes left, the Lakers also are behind more than 20 points, select early departure-die-hard Lakers fan Jack Nicholson, on his face was clearly disappointed.The whole game, the Lakers had only been in the opening lead 2 minutes, after losing ground all the way up behind at the time of 27 min.Combination of 5 losing streak earlier, such a scene somewhat heartbreaking.It is worth mentioning that, the Staples Center arena to a total of 18,997 spectators, in the midst of this we also saw Chinese actress Li bingbing, and everyone wants to see a wonderful game, but unexpectedly ended up becoming a one-sided massacre.

In the team, Bryant also Tsu WPI breaker, former public statements recently: "I encourage WPI Tzu Chi to speak up more, because he experienced the difficulties of the situation, I hope that he will infect his energy, passion and strong teammates."In response, TSE WPI says:" right now, I would like to take on more leadership responsibility."However, in this game, Tsu WPI in the opening and did not let them see his charisma, in the first vote in only 1 section 7, have to vote in the 10th when he hit a 2nd.But what's interesting is, 3 in his even, greatly improving the morale of the team, in the midst of this also because there is a hold person head he was blowing a technical foul penalties, from a certain extent, that perhaps Bryant hoped he demonstrated.It is regrettable, such scenes are not lasting, in the entire first half, Tsu WPI-14 shooting, Trey-5 shooting.
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