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Posted by cphillips

I have recently become very interesting in having a healthier body and learn about the prevention of disease.  I have been a moderate drinker of diet pepsi or diet coke.  Using the diet drinks thinking they would be better for me.

I began to search the internet and learned how important it is for your body to have the proper pH factor.  So it is important to eat foods and drinks that are akaline and not acidic. 

I found out that a soda is totally acidic and can do a great deal of harm to your body, causing your pH factor to be in the acidic range.  This is where your body is prone to every kind of sickness or ailment.  I found out that a diet drink is not any better for your body that a regular soda. 

For about 4 months now, I have only had an occasional pop.  When I think I have to have one, I think of the damage it is causing my body and I have found out that with willpower, I keep myself from having one.  That is most of the time. 

If you have a desire to have a healthy life style you should give up soda/pop for good.

If anyone is interested in the websites I visited, I would be happy to post them.


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