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Carbonated Soda Alternatives

Posted by Walter M.

Look for the various seltzer (soda) waters that are flavored with fruit essences. Some that I have switched to have been; LaCroix Lime/Lemon, Perrier, Generic Supermarket Brand Seltzers are winners. Weaning yourself off of sodas is easy to do, you just need to want to do it bad enough. I do not buy it anymore at home and limit myself to one glass every three days. After a week or two I limited it to one glass every four days and so on. After a few months, I did not miss it. In fact, if I decide to 'treat' myself to a reg soda it is so sweet I cannot finish it.

Good Luck!!

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You can also try sparkling mineral water like Perrier.
I drink Crystal Lite. Not all the time, because of the artificial sweeteners, but it was great for a transition from soda to water.

Good suggestions! I have had the same experience since I cut back on soda - when I do drink some now, I can't drink very much of it!
I've been drinking a lot of unsweetened iced tea in place of soda.

this site has great 100% juice "sodas" none of the nasty stuff, but all the feeling of a soda. Their juices are amazing.
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