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South Lebanon, Ohio
Hello,   I am a simple, sweet, mid-western, gifted, multi-tasking, barefoot, country girl, named Annie, working, writing, balancing life, single parenting, managing two cats, one teen son and Epilepsy all at the same time while being a Starbucks addict, runner, and cyclist, who loves... Full Bio
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Jun 26 2013 by Tomahawk
We Don't get to choose all of our circumstances, but for the ones we have we have control over - choose a smile, choose happy, choose engaged, choose grateful, choose to make your life big and beautiful. 
Jun 17 2013 by Tomahawk
Everyday wake up and ask yorself  "What great things am I going to do today?"  remember that when the sun goes down at sunset, it takes a part o f your live with it.  - Indian Proverb
Jan 19 2013 by Annie
I find the things that were important
aren't anymore..
I find what I value is a happy home
sunshine on the faces of the ones that I love...
I believe the difference is me ~♥~
I have a heavenly reservation..