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The bipolar disorder diagnosis at the age of 23 was a relief to know I was not simply a bad person... Full Bio
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Bipolar does have a genetic component, more than unipolar depression and less than... more
Jul 13 2009 2:49am
ECT is most commonly used for unipolar depression, although it is (rarely) also used for... more
Jul 13 2009 2:46am
There are other types of anti-depressants aside from SSRIs. You can try SNRIs,... more
Jul 05 2009 3:55pm
"Glove anathesia" is a converstion disorder, a type of somatoform disorder. The mental... more
Jul 05 2009 3:46pm
If I recall correctly, Lortab 10 are 10/600 (or 500). the "10" stands for how many mgs... more
Jul 05 2009 3:35pm
That's pretty much a bad thing. Tegretol is the oldest anti-seizure medication used to... more
Jul 05 2009 3:23pm
If I may speak freely... your current pdoc is an idiot. Bipolar disorder and... more
Jul 05 2009 11:29am
I myself am trying to keep the mania monster from rearing it’s evil head, so please... more
Jul 05 2009 11:14am
Please feel free to check out my blog, at . i've... more
Jul 05 2009 11:13am
I am diagnosed as bipolar and I take Lamictal for mood stabilization. Since the Lamictal... more
Jul 05 2009 11:11am