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The bipolar disorder diagnosis at the age of 23 was a relief to know I was not simply a bad person... Full Bio
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Well crap on a stick... my first deadline is in 9 hours! Three graduate apps due. Da-dummm.... Luckily I can use the same personal statement for...

Foggy headed.

I'm behind as hell in school. I cannot concentrate. Or focus. It's driving me insane. I try SO DAMN HARD to force my brain to grasp a concept, and...

Past pains suck.

My dreams last night sucked. The ex-hub was in them, a lot. So was his current wife. And this totally confuses me because he is definitely not...

(cannot think of a suitable title today)

I was late today with my afternoon Lamictal dose. I am frustrated to no end with this particular situation. Yes, I am thankful as all hell that...


I currently have jello for brains. This is stupid. Pardon the negativity in this post. But seriously. I'm more than pissed right now. I have A TON...

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Jul 03 2010 by Viv
I just wanted to stop by and say hello and wish you the best 4th of July!

Hi Ann:

You might be inetersetd in my latetst blog


Jan 11 2009 by emilyhurts
Hi Ann how are u feeling today
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