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Denham Springs, Louisiana
I was diagnosed with ALL in Jan 2007. Had a cord blood transplant in May 2007. Leukemia came back in June 2008. I was able to have an allo transplant in Sept 2008 using a 9/10 MUD.
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Time on My Hands

Three and a half weeks isn't a long time. It's not. 18 more radiation treatments. 3 more chemo treatments. That's nothing in the scheme of things,...

My turn

It's been a very difficult two weeks for a number of reasons. Patricia, aka PJ, of the Plog has died. She's been by my side blogging since almost...


Hello all.  Chris here, to fill everyone in on the details we know and what the plan moving forward is. First, the final pathology has come...

Getting Closer

I finally got the call this week. Radiation preparation begins tomorrow and will run through the following Thursday. If all goes well, radiation...

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Jul 12 2010 by NSRobinson

I came across your blog as I was looking for more info on GVHD. My 8 year old daughter, Sara, was diagnosed with ALL on January 16, 2009.  On May 26, 2009 she received a stem cell transplant at MD Anderson.  She's been through so much (like you).  She also had Marigold as her physical therapist!  Sara has GVHD (rashes) and is on Tacro and Prednsione.  I have no idea how Sara feels and it is nice to read your blog to get some kind of idea what you two go through.  Hope all is well!


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