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Denham Springs, Louisiana
I was diagnosed with ALL in Jan 2007. Had a cord blood transplant in May 2007. Leukemia came back in June 2008. I was able to have an allo transplant in Sept 2008 using a 9/10 MUD.
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Holding My Breath

It's been 4 days since I stopped taking steroids. It's been 2 days since I saw my transplant doctor. So far, so good. And now I wait to see if the...

A Step to the Left

It's been a bit more than a month since my last entry. I will admit to wanting to post a few musings since the last time I dusted off the...

This and That

Life has been a cycle of constant motion for the last few months. Multiple visits to MD Anderson balanced with work deadlines have left me feeling...

Another 2 weeks

I saw my transplant doctor at MDA on Monday and all went as expected. My lungs sounded clear. I'm still on steroids and dealing with the side...

Learning to live with an unwanted guest

GvHD is something that I've resigned myself to living with. It affects one system or another, or multiple systems when it's feeling really frisky,...

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Jul 12 2010 by NSRobinson

I came across your blog as I was looking for more info on GVHD. My 8 year old daughter, Sara, was diagnosed with ALL on January 16, 2009.  On May 26, 2009 she received a stem cell transplant at MD Anderson.  She's been through so much (like you).  She also had Marigold as her physical therapist!  Sara has GVHD (rashes) and is on Tacro and Prednsione.  I have no idea how Sara feels and it is nice to read your blog to get some kind of idea what you two go through.  Hope all is well!


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