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Ann Arbor, Michigan
I'm a 20 year-old harpist and kinesiology major in Arizona. I love running and working out, and aim to become a physical therapist or clinical exercise specialist. I love making and eating healthy and nutritious food. I strive to eat healthily and exercise regularly because I love how my body... Full Bio
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Remember Me??

Hey guys, Remember me? The girl who got injured and reinjured and after months and months just got fed up and bitter. BUT, I finally have the...

Back for a Bit

Hey guys, I know, I know, it's been forever, right? Well unfortunately, my injury is still holding on strong and there's been minimal (if any)...

A Little Hiatus

Hi guys, I'm sorry for abandoning the blog. I'm going through some really frustrating health issues right now. My adductor strain has...

All Washed Up

Hey guys! It is freaking MONSOONING in Arizona! The streets, sidewalks, everything is flooded. Since we usually don't get rain, the city...

Back in the Valley of the... Sun?

Hey guys! I'm back in Arizona and it's warm! Well, it was yesterday. Today it's rainy! I always seem to bring rain to AZ whenever I come...

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