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Anne P.

STANFORD, California
Hi all, I'm a disability adviser at the Office of Accessible Education. I'm interested in health promotion activities and sustainability issues. My biggest personal health change this year has been to move to an area with access to public transportation. Since giving up my car I have lost weight, reduced my stress level, saved a bunch of money and made a few new commute buddies.
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Anne P.'s Whiteboard
May 06 2008 by Chef Jeff R.
Hey Anne, Great idea! I don't know if you have time to grab a coffee this week, but I would love to talk about this Produce stand / cooking demo idea. You're right that receiving a CSA is fun but you never know what you will get! Let me know if/when you are free
Apr 29 2008 by Chef Jeff R.
When are we going to put some healthy cooking classes together?