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Knock Knock Knock!

For any of you who don't follow me on twitter or instagram , rather than let any more time pass before posting anything at ALL, someone...

Merry Christmas Bloggies :-)

I simply cannot wait to see his little "Ooooh" face Christmas morning! :-)

Christmas Cake Pops

I participated in a Christmas cookie exchange this year and since I'm a Pinterest addict and it brings out the "oh I want to make that!" in me, I...

50 lbs, Yo!

Happy to have hit the 50 lbs lost post-baby milestone!  Lately I've been in "off season" mode not exercising much or tracking diligently, but...

Pre-2012 Brain Dump

I went for a run on Sunday. The first one since the Wine Run which was two weeks ago.  Just a slow "see how I'm feeling" run with the pootch. ...
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