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Palatine, Illinois
My name is Nicki. I have severe ADHD, plus a lot of Aspergers tendencies (although I've never officially been diagnosed with Aspergers!) It is hard for me to manage my ADHD, especially right now since I have no insurance and no medication, counseling, etc. I am studying to be a special education... Full Bio
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30 Things You May Not Know About My Illness

Someone suggested this site, Chronic Babe , which is for women living with chronic illnesses. Chronic means basically an illness you'll have for...

Well, THAT was exhausting!

This has been an exhausting couple of days! I'm not going to write exactly why, because I may or may not still have stalker issues. But its just a...

Dreaming About Cottage Cheese, And Other Awkward News!

I feel like I neglect this blog because I write so much in my other blog about the kids . The kids are just more interesting. There's always...

Happy Easter and a Meme!

Happy Easter everyone! I saw a funny meme in another blog and I thought I'd try it out. What you do is do a Google search on your name and...

The Irony Is Killing Me!

Who here thinks it is ironic that I, the blogger with ADHD, could not manage to follow the blogging schedule that I made up for myself? LOL! Oh...

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