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Tooth Fairy Come Come Come…

Though my boys are well aware that the so-called Tooth Fairy is none other than their mother, aka me, they still look forward to find a $1 coin,...

Reward vs Punishment

This has always been a debate. However, you would not know till you try. Most importantly, every child is different. There is no right or...

More than just a Fall

Red is an auspicious colour during Chinese New Year. Oh well, on the 12th day of Chinese New Year, we had RED indeed! Bloody Red! *super...

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 was very special for us. Will elaborate as we go along. However, before I get to what we did or did not do this year, let us...

Happy 11th Birthday Kitkit!

Every year, my firstborn wished he could have a MEGA birthday celebration, ON HIS ACTUAL Day, at his house and filled with people he loves....

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