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I love my kids. I never want any harm to befall them in any way. That is why I am vulnerable to believing all of the scary parenting headlines about health, safety and child development. But during the past five years that I've been a parent I've seen scare fads come and go. I've seen scary... Full Bio
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Thank You

Warm thanks to all who have read and left such passionate and insightful comments to these articles.  This website has been a project...

Myth 35: There are different “learning styles”.

We’ve all grown up being told that we learn better in different ways: some by doing, some by seeing, some by hearing…  This notion supported...

Myth 34: All Hand Sanitizers Sanitize

The great savior of germ conscious parents far and wide is the gel based hand sanitizer.  Pocket size bottles of it emerge from diaper bags...

Myth 2: Kidnappers are usually strangers.

The Department of Justice reports that there are only 115 stereotypical kidnappings per year, in which a stranger or acquaintance abducts a...

Myth 1: It’s the government’s job to test for lead.

Parents and lobbyists have demanded that legislation be passed to ensure the toys that reach our children’s mouths are 100% safe for human...
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