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I found about huntington's being in my family over ten years ago, and am currently watching my mum's progression. I am hoping to use the blog to explore the situation, and explore how her illness and her subsequent behaviour can be handled so that it doesn't destroy me or the other relationships... Full Bio
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Delivery methods for those at risk of Huntingtons

2.5 years ago, our gorgeous lit up our world when he arrived into our lives. But it wasn't the smoothest entry into the world for any of us. I...


I am guilty again of being rubbish and not logging back in/updating anything for ages. I was going to write a post about where things were at, but...

18 months (ish) post DS

I know I am rubbish at updating the blog these days, and for that I apologise. It's a mixture of life now being incredibly hectic (balancing work,...

DS, you are my sunshine. Mr F, you are my world

Quite shockingly, I haven't really written much for ages and barely anything about DS... *GUSH ALERT* He is gorgeous. I'll tell you now there's...

Back to the HD grindstone

I had my HD check-up today. DS firmly ensconced in nursery whilst Mr F and I scooted across the motorway to be poked and prodded, questioned and...

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