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Radford, Virginia
I am a 47 year old, male, migraine sufferer of 27 years.  It makes me sad that "migraine sufferer" is one of the major descriptions I have been using to describe who I am.  I have to acknowledge that my headaches play the major role in how I am able to interact with my... Full Bio
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Feb 11 2009 by Kathleen D.

Wow, you have 'em bad. I have a friend in a very similar situation to yours: He had to leave his job years ago and focus his life around his migraines. I'm a migraine sufferer, but only on occasion. I can completely related to the state of incapcitation when they hit.

The best to you on flipping your perspective and life around this.


Jan 26 2009 by Andy
I just spent a full week in the Jefferson University Methodist Hospital Headache ward, and I feel fine.