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I am a Master's Degree student and on the Registered Dietitian track at New York University's Clinical Nutrition Program. My blog, Small Bites (http://SMALLBITESNUTRITION.BLOGSPOT.COM), cuts through nutrition myths and misinformation to bring you the information you seek, free of advertisers to... Full Bio
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Dietitians For Professional Integrity’s New Report: The Food Ties That Bind

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Nov 26 2009 by femi
Is corn oil good for cooking ?
Nov 26 2009 by femi
Is corn oil good for cooking ?
Aug 10 2009 by Layla
I had my gallbladder out a few years ago, everything has been fine. Started feeling realllly bloated in upper stomach about 3 months ago. Dr. diagnosed me with bile gastritis...put me on Colestoid 3 times a day...seems to help but I can't eat much and I immediately get bloated to where I look pregnant...seeing GI dr. in a few weeks. Had endoscope done before gallbladder and am on Nexium since. Any other ideas?

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