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Winston Salem, North Carolina
Hey! I'm Andrea! I'm a 24 year old working, eating, exercising, wine-drinking, brown-dog-loving, sarcastic, busy body who recently picked up and moved 4400 miles from my home in Alaska all the way to my new home here in central North Carolina. I blog over at about my... Full Bio
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Mid-Week Bullet-Fest

This is going to be a bulletty post. Because I am too lazy to put things into paragraph form and bullets are always a nice way to organize my...

Oh, Just Some Rambling

Oh hey. Isn’t that the most pathetic brown dog you have ever seen? It really has no relevance… though it does kind of express how I...

Stitch Fix #3 – Bright Colors

Hello lovelies! Yes it is time for another Stitch Fix sharing session. If you’re curious about what Stitch Fix is, or why I hopped on...

Ombré Hair, Don’t Care

So is everyone ready for summer or what? I mean really. This is the time of year where it is ALMOST time. I also love that the clock...

A Really Bad Workout, A Snow-Pocalypse, And Then A Really Good Workout

Sooo… Things got kind of awkward up in here for a while. I mean, last week we had the North Carolina Snow-Pocalypse. (Yeah, I’m...

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