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Cooking up new traditions

Monday night was the first night of passover, and I cooked all day for our family seder, but didn't make a single thing that usually appears...

Lessons learned at Seattle Vegfest - preserved lemons

There's always a moment when Vegfest looms, when I wonder why I go. I don't buy very many packaged, convenience foods, and most of the stuff...

Oh She Glows Cookbook: review, recipe, and giveaway

As I read reviews of Angela Lidden's new cookbook, I was mentally trying to figure out how I could possibly fit another cookbook into my...

Chia, by Laurie Boone: a book review

Chia seeds and I haven't always seen eye-to-eye, like when they sneaked into my sugar jar and pretended to be an insect infestation, or when...

Balsamic asparagus, artichoke pasta and new, red sandals — it must be spring

I was in a store where I don't usually shop, looking for grape tomatoes for a recipe I want to re-vamp, when I spied a huge display of...
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Jan 10 2009 by kroter123
I'm so glad I happened to find your blog when doing a That's what I'm planning to serve tonight, with slight variation.  All of your recipes sound delicious, even for my definitely non-vegan husband.

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