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Do you know about the 'other'?

What 'other' am I referring too? It could be the other uses of homemade cheese, besides slicing and eating. (Hint: please read to the end...

Easy vegan scallion-crushed red pepper jack cheese

In my last post I talked about a dinner party we hosted, and how I made so much food I couldn't talk about it all in one story. This is a...

Party food that lasts for days

Flowers brought by our guests. We had a little dinner party recently and the plan was a simple soup and salad supper with an...

Seattle Vegfest 2015 (nachos included)

I've been told that Vegetarians of Seattle was the first group to coin the name "Vegfest." Now, it seems everywhere you turn there's a vegfest...

Millet madness — millet bowls and millet burgers

Babysitting is fun. We recently did a whole bunch of baby sitting for our grandkids while their Papa was out of town and their...
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Jan 10 2009 by kroter123
I'm so glad I happened to find your blog when doing a That's what I'm planning to serve tonight, with slight variation.  All of your recipes sound delicious, even for my definitely non-vegan husband.

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