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I am a mom to Allison and a wife to Butch and I work for a terrific non-profit in Pittsburgh. I have been maintaining a Myspace blog for over two years, chronicling my weight loss story, sharing recipes and tips and (hopefully) helping others to reach their goals. I have lost 79 lbs. on Weight... Full Bio
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Collecting myself

Friday is the 1st day of my Weight Watchers week. I’m missing my meeting but planning for a week where I stay within my points and get my...

Quick Catch-up Post

It has been about 3 weeks since my last post. I’ve been very busy with work, taking judo and an occasional cross fit class, along with prepping...

WW Week 16

I gained 3.2 pounds. I knew I had a bad food week. I didn’t know it was quite that bad, but I knew I’d see a gain. I snacked and snacked and...

WW Week 15

Gained 1 last week but forgot to update. Not bad considering the aforementioned weekend in Toronto. Been taking judo now for 4 lessons and...

WW Week 14

Yay! I hit my 10% this week! I’ve lost 16 pounds in 15 weeks! My goal for last week was to lose 5 to make up for a gain, and i lost 4.8. Can’t...

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