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Buffalo, New York
To  the ladies that are reading this because they have been diagnosed or told they have some type of Vulvodynia. There are many reasons as to why women start experiencing Vulvodynia. Let me first start by saying Vulvodynia is NOT a diagnosis it is a symptom. Vulvodynia means Vulvar pain.. The diagnosis is the more complicated part. Dealing with Vulvodynia is really a life challenging thing. It can take women years or even a lifetime before they ever get proper treatment. Finding a... Full Bio
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Sep 29 2010 by jamerine29
I'm sure your PT works on strengthening this muscle along with other hip rotators with you. The article mentions that people with weak gluteus medius muscles will tend to overuse their calves and hamstrings. My left calf muscle has always been super tight and I didn't know why. Good luck to you and I hope you continue to make improvements!!! :)
Sep 29 2010 by jamerine29
What I've learned is how weak my left hip/lower back is relative to my right side. I did this quick test on myself at home which allows you to see how strong/weak your gluteus medius is ( Pain in my left gluteus medius has been a contributing factor all along and it is extremely weak for me.
Sep 29 2010 by jamerine29
I noticed that you see Dr. Goldstein in DC. Have you thought of making an appointment with Dr. Deborah Coady (gyno) in NYC? This may be a shorter trip for you. Dr. Coady is who my sister and I see and who administers botox for her pelvic pain patients. Let me know if you want her contact details. I've been making progress with physical therapy/Dr. Rob Destefano visits.
Sep 29 2010 by jamerine29
Thank you Amy. I will pass this info along to my sister. She is planning to go for her first round of botox in November. I'm glad to hear that your foot pain has diminished. That is a start. I know that it can take quite some time for the body's muscles to repair and strengthen. I hope that you find in time, you get relief from your pelvic pain.
Sep 27 2010 by jamerine29

Hi Amy,

How have you been feeling post surgery? Hopefully you have been rehabing well and are feeling better!

I wanted to get your thoughts on the botox injections. My twin sister (has been suffering from pelvic pain for 2+ yrs) is thinking about going for injections into the obterator internus (left side) for pelvic burning pain associated with the pudendal nerve. How did you find they helped you and did your doctor administer them in his/her office?


Aug 16 2010 by jamerine29

Hi Amy,

I can't say I tend to bear most of my weight on the outer edges of my feet. What I have noticed is that my left foot will tend to feel tight and crampy from time to time. That is the same leg as my labral tear. After a good round of stretching or chiropractic treatment this tension in my foot will go away. It's really interesting how all the muscles are so interconnected like that. Hope you are doing well!

Aug 06 2010 by jamerine29

You may want to get his book, it's called "Muscle Medicine" by Robert DeStefano and Bryan Kelly. He has an entire section dedicated to the hip and provides visuals of various stretches/exercises that are recommended. Perhaps you can bring it to your PT and get their thoughts.

Aug 06 2010 by jamerine29
Now that I've been working with a chiropractor who releases my psoas (along with adductors, gluteus muscles, and hamstrings), I don't have pain in my obterator internus. In fact, I don't have pain really anywhere anymore. It's amazing how tension and weakness in the psoas can have a domino effect on other hip/pelvic muscles.
Aug 06 2010 by jamerine29
Thanks, you too! I would recommend that you see a chiropractor who specifically understands the importance of the psoas. I was in PT for many months too and they kept focusing on releasing my obterator internus which was in constant spasm. It would help for like a day or two, but then the tension/pain would continue to come back. They didn't seem to put much emphasis on my psoas at the time.
Aug 03 2010 by jamerine29
He practices the ART technique on me and has relieved so much of my hip/pelvic pain. I did not have the surgery because Dr. Kelly told me that he didn't think my impingement nor tear were severe enough to warrant surgery. My chiropractor's name is Dr. Robert Destefano.