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Our Story, part 1.

On Tuesday, February 1st, after a 90 minute commute home - in what should have only been a 15 minute commute, I finally arrived home from work...

Meet my daughter, Grace

Meet my daughter, Grace.  She was born on Tuesday, March 1st and joined our family through open adoption today, Friday, March 7th.  My husband...

What Might have Been

Today would have been my due date for the pregnancy I lost in September. I know it is just a date, and in real life, doesn't mean anything. ...

A Sales Pitch in Adoption

Welcome all from ICLW !  I am so glad that I've decided to participate this month.  I'm connecting with new bloggers, which is great as I try to...

Life, or Just a Dress Rehersal?

In contemplating the adoption option, M and I have discussed many different scenarios.  One tool that we have been using is to "try on" different...

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