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To  the ladies that are reading this because they have been diagnosed or told they have some type of Vulvodynia. There are many reasons as to why women start experiencing Vulvodynia. Let me first start by saying Vulvodynia is NOT a diagnosis it is a symptom. Vulvodynia means Vulvar pain.. The diagnosis is the more complicated part. Dealing with Vulvodynia is really a life challenging thing. It can take women years or even a lifetime before they ever get proper treatment. Finding a... Full Bio
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Sep 29 2010 by jamerine29
I'm sure your PT works on strengthening this muscle along with other hip rotators with you. The article mentions that people with weak gluteus medius muscles will tend to overuse their calves and hamstrings. My left calf muscle has always been super tight and I didn't know why. Good luck to you and I hope you continue to make improvements!!! :)
Sep 29 2010 by jamerine29
What I've learned is how weak my left hip/lower back is relative to my right side. I did this quick test on myself at home which allows you to see how strong/weak your gluteus medius is ( Pain in my left gluteus medius has been a contributing factor all along and it is extremely weak for me.
Sep 29 2010 by jamerine29
I noticed that you see Dr. Goldstein in DC. Have you thought of making an appointment with Dr. Deborah Coady (gyno) in NYC? This may be a shorter trip for you. Dr. Coady is who my sister and I see and who administers botox for her pelvic pain patients. Let me know if you want her contact details. I've been making progress with physical therapy/Dr. Rob Destefano visits.

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