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I'm a wife and WAHM of 3 young 'uns. I've realized through the years that I am my best self, best... Full Bio
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muscle-building monday

Today we're doing what I refer to as Jumping Lunges, and if you know how to do a lunge, then a jumping lunge won't be too hard to explain. (If...

distractions CAN be beneficial.

We're always told to FOCUS when we have a goal. Focus on the end-result. Focus on the steps it will take to get to that end-result. Without...

what about today?

to see if this change worked.....

back in black. see how long it takes FB to pick this up....

The airbrushing controversy continues.

I think it's important to keep people informed of tactics the media uses to create unrealistic pictures using airbrushing or other forms of...

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Feb 07 2009 by Chev

Hi Amy, Thank you!! I'm an affiliate of the FitDeck cards. They are neat cards and unfortunately, I'm not the creator of them. They're not expensive either. The best part is that there so many types to accommodate you needs. If you have an iPhone, you could download the application there as well. Hope all is well. Please visit again,


Nov 18 2008 by Temise W.

My issue is I don't have enough time in the day to go running or to the Gym are some of the excersises easy and can I do them at home and get great results?



Nov 18 2008 by Temise W.

Thank You for inviting me to be your friend maybe I can get some tips from you to stay healthy.




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