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In 2000 when my toddler was diagnosed with celiac disease, I didn't know how to spell celiac let alone research it and find gluten-free products. A lot has evolved since then with the internet and celiac research. There is a lot to say about raising someone with celiac and having someone's life... Full Bio
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Report: Gluten Free may be harming Italian chain restaurants

A new report says eating a gluten free diet is having an impact some popular Italian restaurant chains. But most of them have GF options. So...

Researcher talks about Immune Response in Oats and Celiac Study

New research about oats and celiac disease. Scientists looked into why oats may cause an immune response in some patients. The post...

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Tips, Deals and Events

Let's face it, there are only a few days left before Thanksgiving. There is A LOT of cooking to be done. Here are some helpful tips, deals and...

Holiday-themed, gluten free mixes now available

As if stores weren't already getting us in the holiday mood, Glutino has some new holiday gluten free mixes you might be interested in. The...

US Catholic Bishops Discuss Communion for Celiacs

The Catholic Church requires wheat be a part of the host during Holy Communion. But could some changes be in store with communion for celiacs?...

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