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In 2000 when my toddler was diagnosed with celiac disease, I didn't know how to spell celiac let alone research it and find gluten-free products. A lot has evolved since then with the internet and celiac research. There is a lot to say about raising someone with celiac and having someone's life... Full Bio
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What you should know about the connection between celiac and heart disease

Celiac disease can impact many parts of the body, but did you know celiac and heart disease can also be connected? It's American Heart Month--...

Sleep, Infertility: Topics of Two New Celiac Disease Studies

With approximately 300 symptoms related to celiac disease, researchers in two separate studies looked closely at two of them: infertility and...

I Went Through Celiac Disease Genetic Testing, I Couldn’t Believe How it Ended

Celiac disease genetic testing has been around for years. I didn't worry about getting tested, I figured I knew what my results would be. But...

Random Gluten Exposure in Super Bowl Ad

New ad promoting NASCAR on NBC has a quip about gluten that is not sitting well with a lot of folks. What is the draw to put the word gluten in...

No Making Tracks for Celiacs in the Twin Cities in 2015

One of the biggest gluten-free events in the Twin Cities, Making Tracks for Celiacs, is coming to an end. Find out why, plus see my quick trip...

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