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In 2000 when my toddler was diagnosed with celiac disease, I didn't know how to spell celiac let alone research it and find gluten-free products. A lot has evolved since then with the internet and celiac research. There is a lot to say about raising someone with celiac and having someone's life... Full Bio
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Gluten Free Leftovers — Repurposing Stuffing

I am not one to experiment much with cooking, but when I needed to use up some gluten free leftovers I got creative and had success! The...

Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s Gluten Removed Label

New seal explaining Mike's as "crafted to remove gluten" may help shoppers. But do you know the difference between gluten free & gluten...

Lily Bloom’s Kitchen’s Yummy Gluten Free Treats in Minnesota

One bakery in MN has been quietly churning out tasty gluten free treats. Find out more about what they are making and where you can buy...

Gluten Free Tricks of the Trade — Dining out

We all learn great gluten free tricks or shortcuts to make our lives easier during our own GF journey. From the kitchen to school activities to...

Lower gluten wheat being researched

From a vaccine to a pill to better digest gluten-- several treatments for celiac are being researched. But another area of research lies in the...

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