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I am om to 4 wonderful children. My oldest son Philip was born healthy or so we thought. At the young age of 6 weeks old he has his first brain operations, followed by his second one at 6 months old and suffered a stroke. He has now had over 18 brain operations, a stroke, over 23 orthopedic... Full Bio
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Reality is setting in ....

So today Jim moved out.  Reality set in.  We will never live together again. So odd how many times I had been so upset or disappointed in him...

New Blog Layput

I really want to work on a new blog layout...I loved this look so much but every time I log in now and see reminds me of the past .  I...


So here I am thinking I will try to start blogging again.  It is hard for me for a few reasons.  The truth is I am feeling like so many things...

Here I am...Will you be here ?

I click on my own blog and I do not even know the person I was ..or is it I do not know the person I am now? I really am going to start blogging...

Some Thoughts..

Lately it seems I am a bundle of thoughts but never sure if I should share them...I guess I have some worries that I will seems weak or half...

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