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How NOT to run for Mayor

Nashville is electing a new mayor on August 6, 2015. It is a hotly contested race and you can't watch local television stations without seeing...

Mind Blown. (Non-running related).

So, last night I stayed over at The KoB's house because he had graciously helped me get my car fixed by his trustworthy mechanic. After I made...

Week in Review

So, I missed a day of my weekly goals. I was hoping to run on Sunday evening, but after eating wayyyyy too much Strawberry Cheesecake with my...

Money Well Spent

Mindy Kaling used to keep a blog called... Things I Bought that I Love . It was awesome. So, I thought I might throw a few shout outs to things...

Update on last week's non-plan running plan

So, last week. I actually met my goal!! I did my little 30 minute runs and I did one "long" run of 9 miles. And I feel great about it. This...
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Aug 30 2009 by HichamUp

hello Amy and April, Im Hicham im doing the kick boxing, im champion, actualty i like running very much and i want to start do this game, i would like to have a friends to share with them ideas and informations,

cheers, Hicham


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