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My name is Amber Anderson and over the past 10 years I have built a career as a hairstylist in the Atlanta area. I LOVE great hair, have an obsession for makeup, and I am always testing the latest styling products, makeup, and skin care. So, why not share my thoughts and opinions with other... Full Bio
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Lorac Lip Gloss Set

This is such a fabulous find! I was shopping at Ulta the other day and came across this Lorac lip gloss set. All six full size lip...

Todays Workout- Full Body and Treadmill Intervals

Today was my day off from work and it was overcast and raining all day. I didn’t have too much going on so I decided on a longer than normal...

Banana Bread

This is a dangerous time of year, with all the goodies that are about to be baked, the parties, and potlucks! I haven’t baked in a...

Todays Workout- Full Body with Treadmill Intervals

I was surprised at how easy it was waking up this morning after a late night watching the election. I think with it being lighter outside in the...

Cabo San Lucas Vacation

Three years ago we honeymoooned in Cabo San Lucas and fell in love with it. Over the past couple years we have been trying to plan to go back. We...

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Workout is done for today!! It was fabulous running weather.


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